Abby Watabe

Abby Watabe is a Filipino-Japanese business woman who is running a business enterprise in Japan, comprising of over 135 Karaoke and Internet café businesses. Married to a Japanese businessman whom she met in 2005, her life is a modern age example of the “Cinderella” fairytale story.

Rags To Riches Story

    • 1

      Born to a poor Filipino family in Tarlac, Abby Watable is the youngest child among 7 siblings.

    • 2

      Born in poverty, Abby Watabe was deprived of any education. Her mother worked as a laundry lady and her father worked as a carpenter to support the family.

    • 3

      She worked towards a better life for herself and her family by working as an entertainer in a Japanese night club.

    • 4

      Abby Watable met her husband, Karaoke Kan in 2005 and later married him without knowing the value of his wealth.

    • 5

      After her marriage, she attended Japanese school for the first time. Despite her rich status, she continued to learn about personality development and business etiquette.

    • 6

      She and her husband own over a hundred luxury karaoke bars in Japan with Internet cafes, showers, and laundromats.

    • 7

      She continues to believe in the goodness and abilities of Filipino people by supporting them among Japanese business man.

    • 8

      To show their love and support for the Filipino community in Japan, around 300-400 Filipinos would be invited for the opening of each of their business enterprise and served with free buffet food.

    • 9

      After the Yolanda typhoon-devastated Philippines, Abby Watabe and her husband set up donation boxes outside their 135 business locations and arranged for relief goods to be sent to survivors. They also made a donation of 2.6 million yen.

    • 10

      Thanks to her constant efforts, the number of Filipino entertainers in Japan has reduced over the past few years.