Do Won Chang

Do Won Chang is an American businessman who is born in Korea. He is the founder of Forever 21 a clothing retail store. It is a very popular retail store among ladies.

Rags To Riches Story

    • 1

      Do Won Chang was born in a very poor family in Seoul, South Korea.

    • 2

      With no indications of any further success, Do Won Chang moved to California in the year 1981, with his wife.

    • 3

      Landing in America was easier, but making money and fulfilling their American dream seemed very hard. Do Won Chang even worked as janitor, served coffee and worked at gas stations to make their ends meet.

    • 4

      Do Won Chang with his wife tried their hands in the coffee business, but it was not that much money reaping.

    • 5

      Soon he and his wife realized that garment and clothing industry was more fruitful as most of the rich people in California were into this business.

    • 6

      They both opened a 900-square-foot clothing store in LA. It was back in 1984, and they named it Fashion 21. They soon raked $700,000 in sales in the first year itself and changed the name to forever 21.

    • 7

      Today Do won Chang‘s Forever 21 has about 600 stores all over the world.

    • 8

      Along with the wife, his daughters Linda and Esther are also involved in the business.

    • 9

      Do Won Chang lives with his wife and two daughters in his Beverly Hill estate and enjoys a very plush life.