Harold Simmon

Harold Simmon was an American businessman and billionaire. His success story is good for the people to learn and follow. He was the owner of Contran Corporation.

Rags To Riches Story

    • 1

      Harold Simmons was born in Texas in an extremely rural town and lived in a shack.

    • 2

      As his family survived on hard labor, he too was driven by it and knew hard work could only reap success.

    • 3

      Even after his poverty, he managed to grab a degree in economics from the University of Texas.

    • 4

      He first started his career working as a bank examiner for the U.S. Government.

    • 5

      Later in the year 1961, he thought of putting money on his work of mind and invested his life savings of $5000 and a loan of $95000 to buy a drugstore.

    • 6

      Later the business grew and he opened more than 100 drugstores within a span of 12 years.

    • 7

      Harold Simmon then started amalgamating more businesses into his ventures and acquired companies like Lockheed Corporation and McDermott International, etc. He sold 100 stores Chain to Eckerd for $50 Million.

    • 8

      He became a master of the corporate buyout, as he owned six major NYSE trading companies. Titanium Metal Corporation trading on the NYSE is the largest producer of titanium in the world.

    • 9

      When he died at the age of 82, his assets were made public. He lived a lavish life and owned various jets, racing horses and luxury cars.

    • 10

      He owned numerous plush residences in many parts of the world.