Howard Schultz

Howard D. Schultz is an American entrepreneur, known worldwide as the chairman and CEO of Starbucks. He is the former owner of the NBA’s Seattle SuperSonics.

Rags To Riches Story

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      Howard Schultz was born in Brooklyn to Jewish parents, his father was ex-United States Army trooper and then a truck driver.

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      His parents had 3 children and the family was poor. They struggled to provide their children with a better future.

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      When Howard Schultz was only seven years old, he saw his dad losing his employment and breaking his lower leg while filling in as a diaper administration conveyance driver.

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      He lived in a packed two-room unit in a condo building with 150 families. His childhood was spent in the houses for low-income families.

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      When he was just 12 years old, he got his first job and started selling newspapers. Afterwards, he started working at a local café.

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      At 16, he was working at a fur store. This job was exhausting as he had to stretch leather there for earnings.

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      Being a good athlete, he got a scholarship to complete his Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Northern Michigan University.

    • 8

      In the wake of graduating, Howard Schultz served as a salesman for Xerox Corporation and was immediately promoted as a sales executive.

    • 9

      In 2011, Howard Schultz was regarded as the Businessperson of the year for his contribution to the economy.

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      Starbucks’ billionaire CEO, Howard Schultz has closed a $25 Million deal with eight-bedroom Mansion in the elite Four Seasons growth in Hawaii’s Hualalai resort area. Apart from having different kinds of cars, Howard Schultz also owns a Gulfstream G650