John Paul Dejoria

John Dejoria is an American-Greek–Italian businessman and a world-famous Billionaire.

Rags To Riches Story

    • 1

      John Paul Dejoria had a deprived childhood wherein he used to sell Christmas cards to earn some living.

    • 2

      He was homeless for two decades and kept shifting jobs in view of making more money.

    • 3

      In his last job with Redken Laboratories, he was fired as he thought the management was unfair in its ways of having to do with the product manufactured.

    • 4

      Without food, without shelter and without any job he was loitering around and fighting for survival when he thought of starting something of his own.

    • 5

      He took a loan of $700 and joined hands with a hairdresser friend to start his venture.

    • 6

      People started loving this concept of conditioning hair and his products were rolling out sooner than he expected them to.

    • 7

      In 1989, he then diversified by manufacturing a high-quality smooth Tequila that does not leave you with a hangover the next day. And, his tequila created a new rage in the night clubs.

    • 8

      That’s how John Paul Dejoria co-founded ‘The Patron Spirits Company’. John Paul Dejoria is a dynamic man who is completely in love with the self.

    • 9

      In 2011, John Paul Dejoria’s company sold 2,450,000 cases and became very rich.

    • 10

      He has been trying a lot of new business lines like hosting Shark Tank series on TV since 2013 and acting being the latest on his craft.