Michelle Mone

Michelle Mone is a Scottish business woman, who is the founder and designer of ultimo lingerie. She is now a parliamentarian also.

Rags To Riches Story

    • 1

      Michelle Mone grew up in abject poverty at their parent’s home in Glasgow and she left the school at the age of 15 to become a model.

    • 2

      She met her future husband while modelling and left modelling when she became pregnant with her first child.

    • 3

      She started her own Lingerie company once she felt uncomfortable with the cleavage enhancing Bra that she wore for a dinner.

    • 4

      Soon her efforts in the lingerie business resulted in the patented Ultimo Bra.

    • 5

      She stood up to found MJM International Ltd. and thus the Ultimo brand was born. Her husband also joined the company later on.

    • 6

      MJM International took Michelle Mone to great success and fortune.

    • 7

      Michelle Mone stays in a £1 Million luxury home in Glasgow. She owns another £2 Million house in Mayfair. This house has luxurious interiors and is a huge property.

    • 8

      Her life wasn’t a smooth sailing ship as she has to divorce her husband and threw him out of the company by giving half of her wealth.

    • 9

      In August 2015, she resigned from the post of directorship of her MJB International Limited and Ultimo Brands Pvt. Ltd. so, that she can avoid any conflicts due to her parliamentarian responsibilities.