Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan aka King Khan is a Bollywood actor, producer, TV host, co-owner of IPL team and a philanthropist. The 50-year-old actor is also the highest earning celebrity of Bollywood.

Rags To Riches Story

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      Shah Rukh Khan was born in a lower middle-class Muslim family in Delhi on 2nd November 1965. He was the youngest child and sibling to an elder sister, Shahnaz Lalarukh.

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      He did his schooling from St. Columba’s School of central Delhi. During his school days, his parents struggled to deposit the fees and would collect change lying below the mattresses to pay for his education.

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      He lost his father in 1981 to cancer. During the illness of his father, the family could not afford expensive injections. In a course of 20 injections, they managed only 8 which his aunt send from London.

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      Shah Rukh Khan was quoted saying, “I ’m from a poor family. I’ve seen the worst. I come from a place where there was less to eat. I’ve had watery dal and survived”.

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      His mother died in 1991 because of complications of diabetes. After which he shifted to Mumbai to pursue his career in acting. He debuted on television as the male lead with Fauji in 1989.

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      Shah Rukh Khan is the classic example of what the power of dreams can do. He came to Mumbai with just Rs 1500 in his pockets and today is world’s second richest actor.

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      Mannat, the lands end, Shah Rukh Khan’s bungalow in Bandra West, Mumbai was bought for $2.5 Million (INR 15 crore) in 1995. It is estimated to be of $333 Million (INR 2,000 crores) now.

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      Shah Rukh Khan is not only the king of Bollywood industry but also the king of celebrity ad-endorsements. He has endorsed 39 brands till date, the highest number ever among Bollywood stars.

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      Shah Rukh Khan is also the owner of most expensive homes abroad including a villa on Palm Jumeirah in Dubai worth $65 Million, a palatial bungalow in Delhi and a bungalow in London worth £20 Million.

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      Shah Rukh Khan is an owner of many luxurious cars including a white BMW convertible, a blue Rolls Royce, a Land Cruiser, a white Conti GT, a silver-blue BMW 7 Series, but his favourite remains Mitsubishi Pajero.