Walt Disney

Walt Disney is a famous American filmmaker and a businessman. He is known for making feature length animated cartoons.

Rags to Riches Story

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      Walt Disney was born on 15th December 1901 in Chicago. He was the 4th child of the five children born to his parents. His father worked as a building contractor and was strict in nature as he often abused his children physically.

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      During his childhood days, he used to sell candy and newspapers on the train that travelled between Kansas City and Chicago.

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      He dropped high school at the age of seventeen to serve in the World War I and then worked as an ambulance driver for a short span of time.

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      He started out as a commercial illustrator at the age of 18 and later moved to Hollywood to set up the Disney Brothers Studio, which was later named The Walt Disney Company.

    • 5

      Walt Disney, along with Ub Iwerks developed the Mickey Mouse character and voiced the character. He introduced full colour three strips technicolour, feature-length cartoons and synchronised the sounds.

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      Walt Disney moved to Hollywood and started the amusement park industry in 1950’s and opened up Disneyland in 1957, which was the most successful amusement park with a footfall of 6.7 Million people by 1966.

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      He was involved in the planning of the 1959 Moscow Fair and the 1960 Winter Olympics.

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      In 1965, he started developing another theme park which is now titled as the Walt Disney World.

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      Walt Disney was a heavy smoker and was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1966.

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      Walt Disney married Lillian Bounds and had a daughter Diane Disney who married Ronald William Miller.